Twit One - Objets Trouves [LP]


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Release date: 2nd April 2021

Objets Trouvés
1 - an object found by an artist and displayed with no, or minimal, alteration as a work of art.
2 - an album by Twit One with 16 songs that draw inspiration and sounds from different paths of life and music. The elusive guest list includes Reginald Omas Mamode IV from London, Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) from Nashville and Cologne-based artists Keshavara and Imam Ally Salaam. "Objets Trouvés" is Twit One's third solo album on Melting Pot Music. If we count in his projects with Hulk Hodn (as Testiculo Y Uno), Summers Sons (as Syrup), Lazy Jones (as Flatpocket), Count Bass D and Fleur Earth, we are looking at 10+ LPs (LP stands for longplayer and we emphasize on this because we release every Twit One album on vinyl). In 2009 Twit One started the beatmaker game in Germany together with his good friend Hulk Hodn. Twit was lo-fi a decade before instrumental Hip-Hop became coffee shop music (ask Wun Two or FloFilz) even though he would never use this term to describe his music. These days Twit One plays in a league of his own and has created his own genre: Cool Bap. He is a beat making renaissance man who creates music, artworks and videos. He is a music curator, DJ, radio host and runs a record store (Groove Attack Recordstore, Cologne). If you are looking for music to chill or study to, "Objets Trouvés" might not be the best choice. If you appreciate music that is soulful and eclectic, that knows its roots and carries a sublime message, you should give "Objets Trouvés" a listen. Backed by a team of elusive guests – ranging from London MC/Singer Reginald Omas Mamode IV to Kurt Wagner from US alternative rock icons Lambchop - Twit One is dwelling into HipHop, Soul, Jazz & Funk, like only he can. Unaffected by trends and fashion, his music is characterized by an uncompromising stubbornness and humor that might resonate well with fans of Sun Ra, Dilla or Moodyman (just to name the GOATS ;-)).

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01: Gambit
02: Halt Mal
03: Hideo Ochi
04: Seemy 2
05: Bruuh
06: Opanke
07: Imani Yangu (feat. Imam Ally Salaam)
08: By Your Side
09: Go Thru Changes With Me
10: Okami 7
11: Slide Away (feat. Reginald Omas Mamode IV)
12: Eddy St.
13: I Hear Everything (feat. Kurt Wagner & Keshavara)
14: Tofu Break
15: It Takes Two to Tango
16: Azuki