Tusken Raiders - Bantha Trax, Vol. 3 [2 x Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: 15th January 2021

Further skirmishes at the Tosche Station from Planet Mu label boss Mike Paradinas, whose first Tusken Raiders EP on Clear Records 25 years ago brought an infinitely more-dusty-than-digital vibe, delivering a rugged, electro-infused uptake of the type of battered machine funk produced and enjoyed by Tatooine's indigenous, Bantha-riding tribespeople.

Hailing from the latter part of Mike's 'Lunatic Harness' sessions in 1998, these 8 previously unreleased, largely-breakbeat tracks deliver a salvo of scuffed sonic rinse outs and mutant house jams from a figure who has done so much to bring about and support experimental electronica, breakcore and footwork scenes over the past three decades.

Art by SODA, with graff handstyle by Ben Drury and REQ TDK. Compiled by The Fissure Family.

a1. Pulze

a2. Rinse Up

b1. Raiderz Skank

b2. Dystopic

c1. Bantha Dreams

c2. Sea Dweller

d1. Generate Tusks

d2. Fessio