Totes Preesh - Head Shop Boys


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Totes Preesh make tracks for your ears. Sean Marquand and Patrick Wood of New York City have created these sounds for you and your friends and tooled them to perfection, for your pleasure. Whether you’re at home, or in the club, or driving around in your car, looking for drugs, you can count on these guys to soundtrack your day correctly. They were featured on 2015’s ‘Mangiami - La Compilation’ on Golf Channel Recordings, but this is their first 12”. They are here to make you bump to a cosmic sound that is sexy and pristine, and yet, also feels exactly like two buffalo boys going round the outside, round the outside. Double A-side alert. First up ‘Head Shop Boys’, a kicky, kinky, neon affair, perfect for late-night debauchery; on the flip, ’Haole’ is a straight up trip with some serious old school New York flavour, and will undoubtedly prove to be the world’s first crossover drive-time club banger.

a. Head Shop Boys

b. Haole