Total Science & War - What Now? / Cool & Deadly


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Release Date: 23rd August 2019

Piloted by Total Science, Computer Integrated Audio aka C.I.A Records remain a reputable source for all things Total Science along with a core of welcomed allies and newcomers. Serving as a beacon for purist drum and bass/jungle lovers, C.I.A proceed to bring the heat during these long Summer days. 

Teaming up with Bristol based producer War on both cuts, the digital A-Side ‘What Now’ makes  a splash with iced out breakbeats and a fuzzy granular synthline. Combining ample bits of low-end punch, this is a roller you’ll want to keep drawing for. 

Total Science & War’s ‘Cool & Deadly’ rehash classic jungle samples while creating a rocksteady dreamscape vibe. The funky aesthetics and complex drum kit carves out a deadly groove, bottling up the true essence of drum and bass. Be sure to snag this release and check out Total Science’s latest collaborative effort with War.

a1. Total Science & War - What Now?

b1. Total Science & War - Cool & Deadly