Total Science, Hydro & War - The Reign EP


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Release Date: 18th August 2017

Total Science are back to grace their own imprint CIA Records, and this time they enlist the musical and technical prowess of fellow Bristol associates Hydro and War alongside themselves on The Reign EP.

Made up of four killer slabs of fast paced, moving and deep Drum & Bass, the influence of each party is immediately obvious in each track. Total Science are infamous for their breaks and rave influences that have often been present in their music since they first started releasing in the early 1990’s. Hydro has been releasing music since 2007, working with a slew of respected producers such as Break, DLR, FD and Halogenix amongst many others. He is infamous for his epic sample collection and the deep and deadly vibe that he brings to tracks. And the young French extraordinaire War has already shown he is a force to be reckoned with, consistently releasing music with a sublime depth and musicality that belies his age – and also a power and punch that consistently rips clubs to shreds.

The Reign EP brings the finest attributes of each of the parties to the table, and results in a well-rounded collection of music that offers something to a wide range of listeners. Whether you want to lock them into a groove, tear the roof off the club, or get them thinking about what will come next in this world, The Reign EP has it in spades.

a1. Denial

a2. Straight G

b1. Deluge

b2. Aegean Blues