Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Salvation / Cookie Monster [10" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 25th January 2019

Salvation is a moving soundscape from 4 beautiful lads, it's like The Sound Of Music for badasses. The flip side is the result of Cookie Monster visiting your studio to un-square it, de-nerdify it and steer it away from the 'Amazing Snare Demon and his Mixdown Massive' 

Shouts to all who've been affected and upset by the passing of our good friend, Duncan Busto aka Spirit. Lets keep his name alive by playing his outstanding catalogue forever.

Q Project, Spinback, Digital & Spirit…. Amassing nearly 100 years of combined experience in the DNB scene, the four of them have done almost everything there is to do. Between them you can tick off virtually every major label from past to present - Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, Hospital, Exit, Dispatch, V Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Timeless, Reinforced, as well as their own imprints CIA, Phantom Audio, Function and Inneractive with a huge catalogue that spans dance floor anthems and underground classics alike.

a1. Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Salvation

b1. Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Cookie Monster