Tommy McCook - The Sannic Sounds of Tommy McCook


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One of the rarest, and greatest, horn instrumental dub albums of the seventies featuring the soaring saxophone of Tommy McCook in combination with Glen Brown, 'The Rhythm Master', is finally given a legitimate release.

The original title for this long playing release was initially advertised on the label of the seven inch release of 'Determination Skank' as 'The Sannic Sounds Tommy McCook', however the album was released in Kingston in 1974 in very limited quantities on a white label in a plain recycled cover rubber-stamped 'Tommy McCook Dub'. Three years later the set was released through Grounation in London, once again on a white label and without a cover, where it was known as 'Horny Dub'. It gave music lovers a fascinating opportunity to compare and contrast the work of Tommy McCook, one of the architects and builders of the Jamaican sound, with Glen Brown's role in taking and breaking it into pieces...;

1. Tommy McCook - Determination Skank

2. Tommy McCook - South Side

3. Tommy McCook - When I Fall In Love

4. Tommy McCook - Funky Reggae

5. Tommy McCook - It Aint Who You Know

6. Tommy McCook - More Music

7. Tommy McCook - Brand New Man

8. Tommy McCook - Dirty Harry

9. Tommy McCook - Flute Instrumental

10. Tommy McCook - When Something Is Wrong

11. Tommy McCook - Scatterlight Rock