TMSV - Modification / Doom Clone / Junglis


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Release Date: 9th June 2017

Perfect Records is a new label run by bass music producer TMSV. As you're able to hear from PRF001, the label's focus is well-crafted electronic music that embraces the beauty of imperfection.

"Modification" is a much anticipated 140 BPM soundsystem smasher with a heavy bassline, dissonant synth sounds and frantic percussion. It's been played in clubs around the world by DJs such as Kahn & Neek, Mala, Joe Nice and VIVEK.

"Doom Clone" is a perfect example of TMSV's current sound. Sitting at 160 BPM and driven by a relentless wobbly bassline, it's clearly inspired by dubstep and jungle and perhaps even a bit of old school hip-hop.

Finishing off the EP is "Junglis", a modern-sounding homage to hardcore and jungle and the foundation the genres provided in the early to mid 90s for the evolution of the sound that Perfect Records aims to champion.

PRF001 is a taste of things to come from Perfect Records: perfectly imperfect chest-rattling electronic music, at any tempo, firmly rooted in the past while embracing the future.

a1. Modification 

b1. Doom Clone

b2. Junglis