Tlim Shug - Mutuality EP


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The Bobby Donny label hits number four with a first EP of 2016. After efforts from label owner Frits Wentink and Eindhoven producer SAN2, this one comes from Tlim Shug. 

The low-profile American producer has only one EP to his name so far, but it was an impressive one that came on Echovolt Records last year and suggested he has a passion for moody and lo-fi deep house.
Rari Techno is up first and operates in an underground cavern. 
It sets a sombre tone with its swirling pads and buried deep kicks  all obscured
by a grainy sheen of dust. 
That analogue warmth continues with Wig $plit which has a loose and raw percussive line laid over tender piano chords, bumpy drums and a gritty vocal rap. 

It's a fresh fusion that will get clubs on their toes before 'Mutuality' again sounds all knackered and broke, scuffed up and imperfect with its squelchy synths,
off time hits and stuttering kicks. 

Last of all Overcaste Tune is another zoned out and moody deep house offering that sounds like L.I.E.S. artist Terekke at his best. 

This is a brilliantly insular and atmospheric EP that oozes subtle
emotion and a cautious sense of optimism. 


a1. Rari Techno

a2. Wig $plit

b1. Mutuality

b2. Overcastle Tune