Tim Reaper - Storylines


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Skeleton Recordings

Released 21st October 2016

Return View - A tear out Amen break and a rolling sub bass is what Return View is all about. Tim Reaper kick starts this release at 100 miles per hour.

Lake Volta - This minimal tribal piece is a beast. Subs and hard hitting beats that shake up the dance, with a mid section that rolls and will definitely get your head nodding.

The Refactor - Take a very deep breath before starting to listen to this one, as it is non-stop full on. This track has been getting big support from a few DJ’s and will be a favourite for all of you that like your technical edits and beats. Edits and arrangements that will blow your mind.

Submerge - Another quality use of the Amen break for this track, which has a nice but hard rolling feel to it. The heavy sine wave sub is sure to hit you in the chest.

a1. Return View

a2. Lake Volta

b1. The Refactor

b2. Submerge