The Wasp Presents: Wee Frankies Soup EP


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Release Date: 18th December 2020

WOD016 is an all Northern affair seeing Kenny Wasp (DABJ) join forces with Big Miz and Granary 12 to create some epic tracks. Couple this together with a rather crackin' Auto Sound City remix of Dirty Sue then you have 4 tracks that will blow the lid off any sound system. What’s not to love. Pure filth at its best with a loving sprinkle of Gospel. You know it makes sense!

a1. The Wasp & Big Miz - Snide Ride

a2. The Wasp & Granary 12 - Hurry Up

b1. The Wasp - Dirty Sue (Cathcart Edit)

b2. The Wasp - Dirty Sue (Auto Sound City Remix)