The Nuclear Family - Come Dine With Us


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A1) Bedroom Dreamer (Moon B Remix) we start things with the moon b remix of Bedroom Dreamer this lovely bass and synth line epic really captures a well crafted homage to the synthetic sounds of the 80’s but realized in a modern way, this cool wave vibe with quality synth noodling’s really has a superb sense of retro meets modern, very nice indeed.

A2) Bedroom Dreamer - the original of this track has a feel of the classic tracks by R-Tyme with a timeless vibe in its styling, this version really has a lovely melodic vibe through all levels of its sound structure from the bass through to the graceful pad chord sweeps which ooze quality to the lush synth stab sounds.

B1) CDWJ DUB - this tune again really reminds of the quality stuff that emerged from transmat, the pure quality of this really stands out and if you like deep techno vibes then this track is a must have tune, excellent arrangement of sounds that dance between each other as the track progresses, very musical and thought provoking whilst listening.

B2) Hand of God - we drop tempo with Hand of God, a lush deep track that like the previous tunes on this EP has great retro styling’s but holds such a quality which feels that it will never grow old, this is a great way to wrap up this EP.

a1. The Nuclear Family - Bedroom Dreamer (Moon B Remix)

a2. The Nuclear Family - Bed

b1. The Nuclear Family - CDWJ Dub

b2. The Nuclear Family - Hand Of God