The Crow - Your Autumn of Tomorrow / Uncle Funk


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The Crow "Your Autumn Of Tomorrow" is one of the quirkiest of all records cherished  Northern Soul devotees..

Hailing from New Jersey, and definitely not a Soul record in any form  that Motown, say, would recognise, the made in a garage production of frenzied almost desperate vocals, mashed up beats, a sort of  pyschedelic feel and tapes going backwards was released on the tiny Look-Up label in the 1970's and immediate fell into obscurity until it came across the radar of UK Soul guru Dave Godin.

He recognised that the only place for this weirdness was the avante garde last hour on a Saturday night at Blackpool Mecca's Highland Room, venue under the control of Colin Curtis. Godin's ultra rare only copy was loaned to Colin and the discerning Mecca crowd made into a left of field favourite.

Original USA copies have always been impossible to find, a copy now will fetch you back at least £1,000, but exposure came via UK seven inch releases on Godin's Right-On label in 1976, and in 1979 on Inferno.

The Northern Soul renaissance saw Inferno's Neil Rushton dig out the contract and tapes 4 years ago, and demand for the re-release on a lookalike of the Inner Ear label was fuelled by the track being included in Elaine Constantine's film "Northern Soul".
Flip side is the Funk favourite "Uncle Funk".


a1.Your Autumn of Tomorrow 

b1. Uncle Funk