Tetrad & Ahkur – Ashes Fall / Tetrad - Crumble


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Released 24th March 2017

FAV004 is finally upon us and it comes courtesy of L.A based Cheyne Taylor Bush A.K.A Tetrad who has been on fire recently, fresh off the back of an inspired and well received ZamZam release last year. Here he is joined by brother Dillon Bush A.K.A Ahkur on opener "Ashes Fall", a seriously dark piece of music and possibly Tetrads heaviest production to date. An eerie intro with a haunting vocal sample drop into an assault of pure dubstep pressure which is sure to ignite dance floors the world over.

Flip side "Crumble" is a more stripped back affair with a nod to the classic sounds of dub with its delayed snares, skanks and FX. What really sets this tune apart though is the overwhelming power of the sub, with a weight-line so devastating it could crumble cities let alone the dance!

Here brothers Tetrad and Ahkur have succeeded in providing an outstanding plate, absolutely brimming with sound system material in its purest form. Essential.

a. Tetrad & Ahkur - Ashes Fall 

b. Tetrad - Crumble