Teslasonic / Composite Profuse - Breakout


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Release Date: 15th March 2019

Italian producers Teslasonic and Composite Profuse (aka. Heinrich Dressel) touch down on Berlin's Mechatronica with a powerful and spacious electro record, splitting each side of the EP and remixing one another to full effect.

The Breakout EP is an electrifying journey into their vision of electro, drawing on new inspiration and decades of musical output on a long list of labels incl. Bunker, Shipwrec and Composite Profuse's own MinimalRome.

From the dazzling cosmic funk of 'Golden Sphere' and 'Teleforce' to the strange and dark spheres of 'Ausser Betrieb' and 'Thronic', the two producers present a captivating outlook on the electro sound, bound to move bodies and transport minds.

a1. Teslasonic - Golden Sphere

a2. Teslasonic - Teleforce

a3. Teslasonic - Teleforce (Composite Profuse remix)

b1. Composite Profuse - Ausser Betrieb

b2. Composite Profuse - Thronic

b3. Composite Profuse - Thronic (Teslasonic remix)