Terrence Parker & Simon Hinter - Shift 004


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Moving to a house formation, the fourth release from Midnight Shift combines the forces of Detroit veteran Terrence Parker with small German hometowner Simon Hinter, plus an additional remix by Turkish Philogresz.

Covering the spectrum of the ever-evolving genre from classic to techy, jazzy to deep, it’s one for both the recently initiated and original house music lover.

“It Hurts”, we are told is Terrence Parker’s tribute to the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. A multi-layered instrumental composition expressed over a chugging beat successfully conveys the complex and highly strung emotions involved in a tragic event. A heavyweight tune from a key player of the music world.

From Siegen, Germany, a town with a population of 100,000 comes Simon Hinter, as yet an underrated artist with a talent for subtle melodies. “Finding Home” is as exploratory as its name suggest; a tribal trip in the twinkling wilderness of space. On the flipside, “Leave” employs microsampling to jazzy effect, using choice bites to create a hypnotic groove out of loop heaven. Philogresz (Ilker Soylu) adds the tech flavour to this bag of tricks – an arresting crossover waiting to unleash its magic spell on the dance circles of the world.

a1. Terrence Parker - It Hurts

a2. Simon Hinter - Leave (Original Mix)

b1. Simon Hinter - Leave (Philogresz Remix)

b2. Simon Hinter - Finding Home