Telephones - Vibe Remixes by Call Super & DJ Fett Burger


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Released 24th March 2017

Ring, ring! Hot on the heels of the transcendental and mystical “Vibe Telemetry” long-player of the man like Telephones, we proudly present: Vibe Remixes. Some of you might notice the irony between the lines. A producer who goes by the name of Call Super is remixing an artist known as Telephones. But, we rather rivet you on his 8:59 long skippy dub journey that recalls (pun intended) an atmosphere that could be found in the space between Smith & Mighty, the LTJ Bukem of his youth, Italian house records, British Balearics and bass affine music (of whatever providence). A magical mystery. But we don’t hang up here. DJ Fett Burger is treating the other side and only he himself knows how he made what he did. 14:51 min of almost every style ever invented in the scope of house music. Designed for people blessed with an everlastingly short attention span and DJs on the lookout for a toilet break and a coffee break or whichever break, it leaves its listener speechless. And: it’s so much fun that once it’s over, you want to redial Fett Burger’s number immediately.

a1. DTMF (Call Super Remix)

b1. DTMF Party Jungle (DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix)