Teflon Dons - Teflon Dons (2x12)


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Must Have Records

Release Date: Early October

Following up from Renato P's 2015 "Untitled" debut, Jay Simon's Atlanta based Must Have Records is back with its most substantial release yet. Unsung west coast duo, the Teflon Dons released several 12"s on their independent label Worldship from 1995-2000, and virtually all have become sought after records by deep house afficionados. Here, Must Have lovingly presents a double 12" gatefold anthology featuring four highlights compiled from several rare Worldship releases, as well as another four unreleased songs from the same era. Notably, the release contains the nearly forgotten garage classic "Tomorrow People" the first release featuring a then unknown Gregory Porter, who went on to become a Grammy Award winning jazz vocalist. In addition, the release contains several photos, and detailed liner notes written by Jay regarding the group's history.


a1. Tomorrow People Ft. Gregory Porter (Original Mix) 

a2. L.O.V.E

b1. Thak's Dub 

b2. Night of the Jackal

c1. Movements in the Opium Den (Pavane's Garden Dub)

c2. Zu Mountain (Dub)

d1. Freak Me (Dub)

d2. Inbetweener's Dilemma