Supreems - Us Together


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Firing straight outta the heart of Belgium comes a long awaited batch of euphoric, internet-curdled club missiles from Supreems.


Having been sat marinating on Youtube channels and Soundcloud streams alike for a good 24 months, al three tracks have taken on even more pertinence and depth, coming at the end of a fractured and startled year of world events.

Diving straight in, Untitled is a siren-sounded race into the heavily shadowed inner sanctum of a dark, skyscraper plagued city. All crushed drum work and soaring, burned-out Juno lines.

Flipping over, PGesus wraps stepped 'n' skittering electro drums around a dusty, processed core of punctured acid and cascading glacial synth melodies. Like slowly melting ice on a pulsating warm body.

And lastly an ode to the love we lost. A slow-building euphoric house excursion in the shape of Us Together. An ever-lasting memory, or a dream, or maybe both, tied together by a forever nostalgia and retained in the mind and heart until the embers and the lights have gently gone out.

For Victor Arts.


a1. Untitled

b1. PGesus

b2. Us Together