Strome - Nr. 1


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Release Date: 12th September

Two musicians from the brass techno band "LaBrassBanda" have successfully joined forces to create a mix of driving beats, analog synth melodies and live trumpet. They bring these sounds to the festival stages and into the clubs. 
Clear, unpolished sounds and dynamic drums are made completely live by modular synthesizers and by hand. That makes Ströme a unique live act. Such a modular Live-act with the highest rave appeal never existed - but now there is Ströme. 
Recent live concerts have been sensational. The first release (12 "/ digital) of three tracks will be published in September 2016. The album will follow in February 2017.


a1. You

b1. Es Wird Zeit

b2. Schall Und Rauch (Live at Distillery Leipzig)