Steve C & DJ Monita - One [12" Green Heavyweight Vinyl]


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Release Date: 27th May 2022

Vinyl only, no digital. 

Brian Fenner, aka DJ Monita, first started to hit the clubs as a DJ in 1991, making his debut at the Paradise Club on a Thursday night, but when he first started to make his tapes, he didn’t have a DJ name and the tapes went out nameless, explaining why no one on the estate knew it was him behind the mixtapes. “An old girlfriend told me that I needed to sort myself out with a DJ name, so I did. Though I wasn’t very imaginative with it back then, I just named myself after monitor speakers!” Brian laughs “But I wish I didn’t change the spelling to Monita all those years ago as people keep thinking that I am a Spanish female DJ!”

This is was the 12th release that Monita put out on his Skeleton Recordings, released in 1994. Now remastered and repressed on heavyweight green vinyl for 2022.

a1. The Razors Edge

b1. Full Cry