Steppin' Wolf - W.K.


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Pauls Musique

Released 15th July 2016

Philpot and Pauls Musique Chief Tobi Ettle starts this year a new series of releases from young and well talented producers around the periphery of the label and record store. The range of musical direction will be very open minded but in general there will be Dub Techno, deep and minimal Techno as well as electronic beats with some Italo Disco and experimental approach. First is done by Steppin' Wolf originally from Basel and now staying in Frankfurt/Main. Before he was living in Stuttgart and he was frequenting the Pauls Musique record store always bringing updates of his latest production. Here he's now dropping a deep piece of Techno with several Acid splash and some kind of a "Boards of Canada-Feeling". Watch out also for his current release on Kann's division Mana-All-Nite.

a1. W.K.

b1. Untitled V