Stalawa ft Dark Angel – Music With a Message [7" Vinyl]


(£6.98 Incl VAT)

Foreign Mind Records

Released 14th October 2016

French producer and digital archaeologist Stalawa puts a new shine on a forgotten 80s gem for the second single from his Foreign Mind label. The riddim is a relick of a 1988 production for the Ottey’s imprint: Sunny Gets Blue by Naturalee. Where the original merged sound-boy burial with a Johnny Mathis jazz standard, Music With A Message is a conscious chant by London emcee Dark Angel. The revamped backing was built using a vintage Yamaha DX-27 synth and Korg DDD-5 drum machine - for those visceral rolls! Only in Jamaica could an easy listening classic played on national radio find its way into the dancehall. And now, thanks to Stalawa, it will be rocking the sessions of today…

Audio coming soon

a1. Stalawa - Music With a Message (feat. Dark Angel)

b1. Stalawa - Sunny Gets Blue Riddim