Spirit - VIP Dial / Cobra


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With recent appearances for V Recordings, Warm Communications and 31 Records, and further work solo and collaborative work already completed for Metalheadz, 31 Records, Blu Mar Ten and Phantom Audio, the time was right for Spirit to bring Inneractive Music back to the frontline.

We wanted to do it in style, so here we are with probably our most requested track ever. Originally born as a mashup of ʻCalling Card' and 'Dial Up', 'Redial' stormed the dancefloors in 2006 and has been a continual feature over the years in many a major DJ set. Eight years later and we've arrived at the final incarnation. More break edits, thumping subs and head-spinning stabs take 'VIP Dial' that one stage further and has made it a new staple in many a DJ set from the likes of Friction, Storm, Bailey, Randall, Bryan G, Ulterior Motive and many many more. Originally planned as a DJ VIP only, demand for it has been so great that we felt it right to unleash it wider. In contrast, 'Cobra' goes deep into sparser, moodier territory with it's rumbling subs, echoing vocals and mystical licks.

a. Spirit - VIP Dial

b. Spirit - Cobra