SPF 50 - Sumimasen


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Release Date: 23rd April 2021

Label head SPF 50 returns to Professional Music with a five-track EP of propulsive, dub-infused material. This record delves deep into our moody, atmosphere-driven take on the dance floor, undulating between straight four-on-the-floor energy, heavy breakbeat science and euphoric ambience. Swung layers of rhythm gel with misty chords and 808 bass pressure, riding the line between 2-step excitement and hypnotic, long-form arrangements. This is introspective body music, steeped in the sonic worlds of UK bass, looped 90’s techno and grainy dub.

a1. Memory Signal

a2. Salon

b1. Breakout

b2. Looking For Lost Cats

b3. The Four Seasons