Spatial - Primitives


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So we have ‘Primitives’, a DVD containing short films of live A/V content alongside an executable version of the software and the source code plus a 12” record containing four commissioned interpretations by Spatial himself, Broken20’s TVO, Bass Clef and Sculpture aimed somewhat more at the dancefloor. The combination of media represent the totality of the ‘Primitives’ experience.

The accompanying 12”, Spatial kicks off, his almost-4/4 beats underpinning skippy percussion and no little bass heft. Insectoid whines hover around the demarcations of tonality while dubbed out squawks bounce back against themselves and oppressive drones linger offstage.

a1. Spatial - Primitives Interpretation

a2. Spatial - Primitives (TVO / SPL)

b1. Spatial - Primitives (Bass Clef Interpretation)

b2. Spatial - Primitives (Sculpture Interpretation)