Space Ghost - Time To Dance (Repress)


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Release Date: 25th June 2021

Space Ghost returns with hedonistic house anthems for your living room dance floor on his latest EP, Time To Dance.

After a string of successful albums on Apron and Tartelet Records, the Oakland native Sudi Wachspress (Space Ghost) returns with a selection of golden-era house anthems conveying the message of unity through dance –a much-needed reminder of better days.

The 28 year-old producer and DJ has been gaining momentum over the last few years. His growing catalogue of ambient-leaning house with lush musical textures is a testament to carry on the legacy of famed US house producers, who have set the tone and pioneered electronic dance music since the 1980s.

On his new EP, Time To Dance, Space Ghost gets on the mic and takes us back to the early days of house music, effortlessly mixing the deep bass rhythms of Chicago with the Nu Groove-era of the East Coast.

“This release was mostly inspired by some early East Coast house. I started the idea before Covid-19 really took over the world. I wanted to make something explicitly for the dance floor, kind of like my own dance floor anthem.”

The EP’s main cuts “Time To Dance” and “New World Energy” both come in two versions – a main version and an alternative mix for maximum dance floor pleasure. As the artist’s vocals echo on the track: It’s time to come together and work for a better future for all.

“Now with everything going on with the coronavirus and all the protests in the US and across the world, I think my goals have shifted. Even though the world is on pause and people can’t spin these tracks at a club, I still think the message of Time To Dance is: We can work together and music can help us through it.”

A1. Time To Dance (Original)

A2. New World Energy (Original)

A3. Mood Research

B1. Time To Dance (Together Mix)

B2. New World Energy (Sunset Mix)

B3. Forest Dub