Son Dexter - Eternity EP


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Son Dexter is a talented producer who released two fantastic eps on Larry Heard´s Alleviated in the early 2000´s. His influences are really extensive and diverse: deep house, funk, pop, hiphop, jazz, broken beat, rock, T-Bone Walker, Black Science Orchestra, Miles Davis, Lenny Kravitz, Al Di Meola, The Intruders...and you can feel that in this Eternity ep. When the canadian artist sent them this 4 tracks ep, the Downbeat guys could not believe what they was hearing here.

4 colourful and delicate pearls full of nuances, strength and optimism which reminds us that its possible still to find purity and unconditional love for music.

House? Soul? Pop? Just Music. Nothing more, nothing less.

a1. I Believe

a2 . Sweet Soothin Sound

b1. Eternity Of Love

b2. Astray