Snips - Blasphemy


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Rekease Date: 9th April 2021

After a Classic/Defected release and a string of edit projects/remix work Snips returns to his own Barbershop Records for his latest release "Blasphemy", a project drawing solely on Gospel samples from Snips' personal collection. Barbershop sticks with the theme of re-imagining the past to create something new while continually offering an alternative to todays mainstream. With Gospel music being the least commodified of its contemporaries yet the most essential element of them all, it would seem the perfect sample source for a Barbershop release and a sonically perfect fit for Snips' brand of Hip Hop, Soul & House inspired beats. From future club friendly anthems like "Feed The People" and "Feel The Spirit" to the true school Boom Bap sensibilities of "Pattersons Pilgrims" and "Never Waltz Alone" this release has all bases covered.

a1. Religious Fiction

a2. Pattersons Pilgrims

a3. Feed the People

a4. Modulate the Love

b1. Feel the Spirit

b2. Never Waltz Alone

b3. Higher

b4. Thank You (Outro)