Slacker - What Would I Do With Saturn [2 x LP]


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Release Date: July 2021

Following the release of Twisted Heads comes Slacker’s most complete work to date. The artist's debut LP - What Would I Do With Saturn - arrives on Lobster Theremin and demonstrates Slacker’s killer ear for capturing the cross-sections that exist within UK sound; floating between the artist's drum & bass upbringing and introspective, world-building electronica.

A1. deep in the forest, a sacred pool

A2. As I Fear the Ground Opening

A3. Unturned

B1. One Hundred Ideas

B2. My Own Moon

B3. The New Face Of England

C1. Nothing Is Enough

C2. myth of visibility

C3. Void Hopping

D1. Prisoner Of The Sun

D2. Summer of '18 ft. Guy Liner

D3. let these waves wash upon you