Silkie ft. Joss Ryan - Don't Play Games EP


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Released 5th February 2016

We at Antisocial Records are happy to announce our first release ‘Don’t Play Games’ 
Being babies of the 80’s but children of the 90’s; we spent many hours in our room 
playing 90’s Video Games, therefore we were heavily influenced by their soundtracks. So we've selected the very best soundtracks to give a facelift and these are the results.


The first track, ‘Silkie vs Joss Ryan’ - Sub Castle, is a reimagination of a song from the ‘Super Mario World’ soundtrack. Next up is ‘Silkie -FF7’ which samples the 
‘Final Fantasy 7’ Fighting Theme. And, last but not least we have; ‘Silkie - Sonic Boom’ which takes on the Guile Theme from ‘Street Fighter 2’.


a1. Silkie Vs Joss Ryan - Sub Castle (Bowser Riddim)

b1. Silkie - FF7

b2. Silkie - Sonic Boom