Silkie ft. Joss Ryan - Don't Play Games EP


(£8.48 Incl VAT)

Anti Social Records

Released 5th February 2016

We at Antisocial Records are happy to announce our first release ‘Don’t Play Games’ 
Being babies of the 80’s but children of the 90’s; we spent many hours in our room 
playing 90’s Video Games, therefore we were heavily influenced by their soundtracks. So we've selected the very best soundtracks to give a facelift and these are the results.


The first track, ‘Silkie vs Joss Ryan’ - Sub Castle, is a reimagination of a song from the ‘Super Mario World’ soundtrack. Next up is ‘Silkie -FF7’ which samples the 
‘Final Fantasy 7’ Fighting Theme. And, last but not least we have; ‘Silkie - Sonic Boom’ which takes on the Guile Theme from ‘Street Fighter 2’.


a1. Silkie Vs Joss Ryan - Sub Castle (Bowser Riddim)

b1. Silkie - FF7

b2. Silkie - Sonic Boom