Silk Road Assassins – Deadcell / 3M Kunai


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Released 14th October 2016

Silk Road Assassins release two of their most long sought-after tracks — ‘Deadcell’ and ‘3M Kunai’. ‘Deadcell’ — a bittersweet five minutes of abstract, trap euphoria — first emerged at the back end of 2014 and has since taken on mythical status online, with entire forum threads dedicated to rumours of its prospective release, while ‘3M Kunai’ was the beat chosen by Chicago rapper Mikey Dollaz on early 2016 collaborative single, ‘Commas’. Comprised of three producers; long-time Coyote signees Chemist and Tom E. Vercetti, and close friend Lovedr0id, Silk Road Assassins have taken cues from a shared appreciation of hip-hop beat-makers, Chicago drill and UK grime to create their own shadowy, cloaked, dystopian take on the music. Functional enough to work in or away from the club, their music has made Silk Road Assassins the defining artists in their field, with support from Kuedo, Om Unit, Commodo, Plastician and countless others suggesting that they are very much producers of the future.

a1. Deadcell
b1. 3M Kunai