Shiken Hanzo - Sohei EP


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Release Date: 11th August 2017

Ewen Cook - Mixmag: 

"Fathoms-deep half-time gold"

"With releases on Loxy's Cylon and a track on the final Hardware LP, the enigmatic Shiken Hanzo goes all-in on the first vinyl release on his own label Hojo Clan - and it's an absolute lesson in claustrophobic half-time futurism.

The title track drapes the relentless velvety punch of 808s in a swirling landscape of spidery synth trails and mushrooming low-end radioactivity, reminding us of Clarity's precision futurescapes on samurai.

'Yari VIP' exhumes the bones of 'Shadowboxing' in its melody and layers them Hypnotically across another dark, interrupted creeper."

a1. Sohei

b1. Yari (VIP)

b2. Five Kings Of Wa