She's Drunk - Subclubsciously


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Release Date: 15th December 2017

"Subclubsciously" takes you on a trip through She's Drunk's subconscious mind which pushes him to elevate production accidents into obsessive club gimmicks and delusional rhythms.

Coming back from a Europe Tour with "Zebra Katz" he finished his debut EP for Through My Speakers where he is opening up to new musical horizons, letting melodies and emotions flow into his produc-tions.

Particularly noteworthy is the collaboration with the highly talented South African artist Sho Madjozi on "Amadoda", where she's spitting fire in Tsonga.

- Already played by Sarah Farina, Neana (Night Slugs), Addison Groove, Skinny Macho (Boiler Room), Strip Steve
- Airplay on Radar Radio, NTS Radio

a1. Visions

a2. Amadoda feat. Sho Madjozi

b1. Dancing Doubts

b2. Heart Burns