Shadow People - 12" Vinyl Edition


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Released 23rd February 2018

Truth & Youngsta to release new album under the “Shadow People” moniker.

Shadow People is a new project fresh from the studios of award-winning New Zealand production duo Truth (“Best Electronic Artist” – 2017 New Zealand Music Awards, “Best Album” & “Best EP” – 2017 Dubstep Awards) and world renowned DJ Youngsta. Over 3 years in the making, the self-titled “Shadow People” is a meticulously produced, bass-heavy peek into a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by people living in the shadows.

Shadow People features collaborations with producers Taso (Teklife) and Cimm, as well as vocal features from Animai, Spikey Tee, Ace Boogie, Lelijveld, Rosa Ward and Melanie Antonides. Sonically setting itself apart from other Truth productions, such as their 2017 album “Wilderness of Mirrors”, this release sheds layers to expose a more stripped back offering. “Shadow People” also represents the first full-length LP to be released on Deep, Dark & Dangerous, the label which won “Label of the Year” at the 2017 Dubstep Awards.

Shadow People Bio:
From the catastrophic aftermath of an alchemical experiment executed far from the reaches of hazy light in downtown Los Angeles, Shadow People emerged from the smoking ruins like cockroaches during nuclear winter. Testing sonic limitations in this new world, their transmissions began to create hope within an unstable reality, providing sanctuary for all who listened. Now, like their decaying surroundings, the Shadow People channel the dramatic, minimal and morose into lucid creation. No longer subjugated by the shackles of classification that plagued their world, they embrace mutation and forging paths untrodden.

a1. Awake Before You

a2. Ricky ft. Ace Boogie & Alicia Kiah

b1. Destroyed ft. Lelijveld

b2. Lemon Cake