Serotonin - Dramatical Style / Rumblism [Aquatic Blue 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 3rd September 2021

Vinyl only, no digital. 

Serotonin An alias started by Krome & Time after they left Suburban Base as they wanted a clean break and the freedom to advance their craft.

A hugely successful self-distributed white label back in 1992, this release became a firm favourite of all the raves of the time and which still resonates on mixtapes from that era. As the guys state themselves:

“This was the time when the white label was king. That’s what people wanted. It felt more exclusive and special and we wanted to do something like that, to get in on that scene. So we pressed up a load of copies and filled up the boot of the car and just drove around the country. We use to use flyers to help us. Often these big raves would list local record shops where you could buy tickets, so we used those to build up a list of shops around the country using those as our resource and we would hit the road”.

Pressed on Aquatic Blue vinyl, this is a limited run of 300 units, presented in the attractive Vinyl Fanatiks housebag.

Don’t sleep!

a1. Serotonin - Dramatical Style

b1. Serotonin - Rumblism