Separation Anxiety - Vices (Marbled Vinyl 12" with Insert)


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Released 2nd June 2017

Vices is the first ever record from Separation Anxiety, continuing the Horo quest to expose the untouched underbelly of electronic music. Separation Anxiety mixes gothic tinged ambience with metallic beats and contained distortion.
Early support from Samuel Kerridge, Ancestral Voices, Pact Infernal, Grebenstein, Sam KDC.


“One dead marine through the hatch 
Scratch and scrape this Heavenly body 
Every inch of winning skin 
There's junk in honey's sack again 
Drink to me my Heavenly body 
Scratch, scrape, scratch this winning skin 
Hack hack hack hack this heavenly body 
Yack yack yack yack yack goes junk-face 
There's garbage in honey's sack again”


a1. Barbwire Blindfold 

a2. Boutique Erotique

b1. Vices 

b2. Voyeuristic Tendencies