Seixlack - Bed Bug Bites EP


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Hot off the back of his debut LP for Delroy Edwards' LA Club Resource as alter-ego Innyster, Seixlack serves up an EP of trademark, super raw, machine funk. Spanning the full gambit of dredged up acid, synth stacked daydreams and straight up 4x4, the breadth of this EP showcases a real talent. 

'Taxes' opens the A side with some real Black Flag acid shit, it’s the crushed up remains scraped off the back of an overused MC505, super gnarled. Amolado is all cosmic melody, disco swag and a healthy nod to Fly-Lo with that kicked back groove - so good! Wintergreen recovers hi-hats and cymbals out of the mucked up remains of your dustbin before dropping into an infectious live synth jam, whilst closing things off, Sofazone is an emotive, lush, electro tinged cut with chattering robotic synths and mesmerising pads... This one takes you away.

a1. Taxes

a2. Amolado

b1. Wintergreen

b2. Sofazone