Secondo – Shakin


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Released 13th October 2017

Secondo is back with a brand new two-track 12" aimed squarely at the more discerning dance floors out there.

‘Shakin’ on the A-side is a disco inflected bomb full of funky edits, sampled guitar licks and an irrepressible hook that gives the whole track a distinctly Italo boogie feel.

Meanwhile, on the B-side ‘Nine Toms’ is a more laid back affair, a mid-tempo burner with soulful groans, off-kilter percussion and a wicked throbby bassline guaranteed to get you grooving.

Look out for future What About Never releases in the coming months – a welcome return for AM/PM and a debut EP from Valerie from the Galerie, both scheduled before the end of the year.

a. Shakin (5:27)

b. Nine Toms (6:27)