Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson - The Dance Remixed 1


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Kontra Musik

Joey Anderson, Markus Suckut & Wa Wu We remixes! The Dance Remixed 1 features an amazing Joey Anderson track that sounds like Vangelis on a jackin' acid trip, as well as a sinister Markus Suckut remix that brings his own no-nonsense techno label SCKT to mind, but still manages to retain the entrancing qualities of the original track. You'll also find two exquisitely stripped back versions from Wa Wu We, focusing on the bare necessities without losing an inch of the musicality and magnetism of the original tracks. the remixes part 2 features Efdemin, Voices From the Lake, Ulwhednar & Wa Wu We. Tip!!

1. Movement - Joey Anderson Remix

2. Fusion - Wa Wu We Reduction

3. Fusion - Markus Suckut Remix

4. Movement - Wa Wu We Strip