Schlachthofbronx - The Ride [Cassette]


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Release Date: 11th December 2020

Schlachthofbronx coming through with a cassette! On their THE RIDE mixtape, the bass aficionados from Munich showcase a whirlwind of all new & unreleased club music from their studio - and effectivly bring the energy of a rave and their intense live sound & feel straight to your home. Exclusive tracks, edits and roadworks that are genre spanning as ever, from Dub to Miami Bass, from Baile Funk to Dancehall, from Techno to Hip Hop, all with the trademark Schlachthofbronx sound - Welcome to THE RIDE!

Your favorite bike riders & autobahnbois from Munich are bringing their signature live energy from the clubs to your car. Or your bluetooth speakers, or your highly curated home hifi, or your streaming cloud - it's 2020, everything is changing, everything is different. Ambivalence and mood swings are okay. You do you! Speaking of: Benedikt and Jakob aka Schlachthofbronx made a mixtape for you - and for all the ravers equally missing it all: The euphoria and the big bass, the good times and sweaty basements.

THE RIDE is literally taping the essence of a Schlachthofbronx liveset by providing a highly intense window into their ongoing work, fully packed with exclusive material and future singles. It's a place where unlikely pop gems cristallize out of ruff live set club tools, where seminal tunes get a state of the art rework, where no music biz rules limit the flow & creativity. Welcome to the Schlachthofbronx club microcosm, where bass lines and ideas roam free. Welcome to THE RIDE.

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