Scent - Trax / Just a Dream


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Modern Hypnosis

Released 21st September 2018

Hailing from Wellington, Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, Scent is a newcomer to the scene but long time GC of Modern Hypnosis. His first sighting featured a track ‘Devils Dread’ on Indigo Movement’s 5-year digital compilation December 2017. 

Heaving at 140 beats per minute, ‘Trax’ creates a certain energy similar to early jungle riddims. Chopped percussion, giant synth stabs, weighty driving kicks with underlining sub bass and the odd flute build the track to a halt before commencing it’s minimal technoesq break down. 

‘Just a Dream’ a rooted scentimental dub which takes you deep into a place amongst your rem sleep with sparse whaling strings and swinging percs.
Scent debut solo release. One to watch.

a1. Scent - Trax

b1. Scent - Just a Dream