Scan 7 - Direct Effect


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Detroit Underground

Release Date: 12th September

Detroit isn't just a place. Sure, it IS a place, and those who physically live there know its triumphs and its tragedies far better than anyone else. But Detroit is also a feeling, a sound, a philosophical home for those who connect with the futuristic, dystopian sounds of Detroit techno and electro on a deep level. 

Those tendrils of connection reach far and wide, bringing people from all over the world into orbit with the people and sounds of the city, connecting through the snap of a snare, the wiggly groove winding its way through the beat, the beauty in the sound of strings, the anger in a bubbling bassline. 

On this label collaboration between two modern purveyors of techno and electro, Detroit Underground and Detroit Techno Militia have brought their game face and also connected Detroit with producers from elsewhere who've long been tapped into the techno and electro zeitgeist.

Activating legendary techno mystery collective Scan 7 for the leadoff title track Direct Effect, they take us on a high speed chase, a desperately frenetic percussion jam crunching its way through the bass bedrock for maximum damage. 

DTM's T.Linder then slams down the accelerator on a brutal remix, kicking up the stomp and reversing the bass for a subtle melodic turn, while the ride cymbals cut deep enough to draw blood. 

Romania's Andrew Red Hand, known for his fierce electro production, does not disappoint with his remix. He drops down into the classic low slung bass and snare rhythm, letting the metallic bass bubble up like a submariner surfacing with soundsystem intact. 
Rounding out with a cave dwelling minimalist stomper are extant techno legends Teste. Originally from Hamilton, now based in Berlin, Teste bring their hypnotic sensibility to a hammer beat to end the remix lineup with a bang. 

Packing much sonic variety into four tracks, Direct Effect shows that Detroit's heart is still beating strong, collecting people in the path of its sound, mapping out a line between techno soldiers far and wide. It's what made the city great, and why it remains the spiritual home of techno.