Sam KDC - Late Night Innominate Vol 1 LP


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A1 – Untitled 1: The first track on this wonderfully blissed out LP is something that can only really be described as beautiful. The sounds are coming from the deepest realms of space, with haunting pads and otherworldly soundscapes. The frequency ranges used within the overall atmosphere span a vast tonal range, and create an almost tranquil breathing feeling.

A2 – Untitled 2:  keeps the deep vibes going with another superbly crafted slice of ambiance. The focal sound on this piece is a piano that takes the lead. This is supported with very hypnotic soft stabs that really are soothing to the ear. The use of very cool sci-fi FX sounds adds overall depth and quality to the whole atmosphere of the tune.

A3 – Untitled 3: Floating in water inside of a cave is probably the best way to describe the feelings that Untitled 3 is providing here. Each sound has a liquid fluidity that really melts into your brain. The dripping FX sounds have a cavernous and spatial vibe with the lush warm pads that just draw you in.

B1 – Untitled 4: This tune has got a massive sense of suspense and drama about it. The drone pad atmosphere is so out there that you may have to leave a do not disturb sign somewhere on your person when listening to this. There are little vox and FX hints that are so delicately placed and timed to perfection. This is a great piece of music that will drift you into the deepest reaches of your mind.

B2 – Untitled 5, has a trippy hippy feeling that sounds like its been beamed from the past straight into the future. The guitar sounds in this track are superb and really hypnotizing. The atmosphere is intensified with far out pads and intergalactic synths sounds. The arrangement on this piece is very structured, with elements of drums that are used to subtle effect and add to the overall groove to the track.

B3 – Untitled 6: The closing track on the Late Night Innominate LP wraps up this wonderful LP with another helping of deep ambient feeling. The main drone sound holds your attention and has a great sense of space to it. The supporting sounds that pan and sweep across the main drone are inspired with a very delicate almost glacial quality to them.

What Sam KDC has achieved here is nothing short of genius. This is a very filmic visual LP and will take you away to another world. This also shows that Sam’s production skills are very thoughtful and mindful of the potential listeners that should flock on mass to this chilled out and wonderfully crafted LP. If you like the deeper side of music and all things ambient, then this is a no brainer, it’s from the top drawer of the quality cupboard. If you just want something mellow as an alternative then this is the one for you.

a1. Untitled 1

a2. Untitled 2

a3. Untitled 3

b1. Untitled 4

b2. Untitled 5

b3. Untitled 6