S Olbricht - For Perfect Beings [12" + 10" Vinyl]


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Having broken the barrier for murky skewed house with his 2014 white label 'A Place Called Ballacid', Hungarian scene founder S Olbricht returns with a full album on Lobster Theremin that channels his distinct brand of thumping, sludgy techno, weaving through repetitive drone-laden ambient and Hague-esque escape soundtrack house. 

'For Perfect Beings' is a sound-palette tour de force, pickin' 'n' mixing tempos and tonal balances that shift throughout each track and side of vinyl. Which strangely starts on a 12" LP slab and ends with a pseudo 'bonus' 10" two track experiment.

a1. Asterid

a2. Blambestrid

b1. Fadaisco

b2. Gesnaria

b3. Rien

c1. Ovacrwded (fast)

c2. Ovacrwded (slow)