Ross From Friends - Alex Brown


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Breaker Breaker Records

Release Date: September 2016

Taking lofi building blocks full of crackle and character and running them through his sampler Ross From Friends forms his own style of rough edged techno that hits hard whilst carrying a distinctive sense of soul. ‘Golf School’ kicks things off with burnt out percussion and off kilter fills that propel a tape driven guitar and Rhodes combo before ‘Ridley Schöttt’ blooms behind a hustling bit crushed riff that gathers menacing chords and frazzled percussion.

‘.biz’ then caps the EP off with a circling piano riff and astutely plotted whacks and samples that pepper a Delroy Edwards esque groove bringing a rich and varied package to a close.


a1. Golf School 

b1. Ridley Schottt

b2. .biz