Rising Sun - The Lamentations Of Rising Sun | 2 x 12" Vinyl Incl Download Codes


(£17.99 Incl VAT)

Fauxpas Musik

Released 4th March 2016

The year is off to a good start! The highly anticipated new Rising Sun album is going to be released any day now. We are very proud to press this incredible record on vinyl.

“The Lamentations Of Rising Sun” leaves nothing to be desired and is full of surprises. It defies categorization and shows influences of the past while taking us into the future. The bass and groove have a special energy and will inspire you to listen to this record religiously. It goes directly into the heart and soul.

Vinyl tastes better!

a1. The Light And The Dark

a2. Entrance (Live)

a3. Pressure

a4. Parade (Version A)

b1. You Loose

b2. Parade (Version F)

b3. Brighter Day

b4. D.E.T.R.O.I.T.

c1. I Feel This Way

c2. Remix

c3. Hold The Line

d1. A Path

d2. In My Mind

d3. Arctic