Rings Around Saturn - THX Assassin / Goose Step


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Release Date: 11th September 2020

Rory McPike is an artist who holds a special place in the core of Melbourne’s musical heart. His primary alias for the past 5 years, Rings Around Saturn, has been releasing sub loaded technotic synthesis with hints and glimpses of a 140 bpm’d dubstep track on the horizon — The horizon is here — Welcome.

Goose Step pays homage to the UKs 06-07 dubstep powerhouses with undeniable sound system power itself. Minimalistic on first listen, rude tune on the fourth. Goose Step is a piece we have been looking forward to pressing for a long time here on Modern Hypnosis.
All this talk about dubstep, we almost forgot about the A side!!?!!

THX Assassin has more character than Merry and Pippin in LOTR. A hot piece of dub garage combining ultra pleasing sonics with clean percussion, articulated wubs and a halfway vibe check.

Both tracks mastered and cut by Beau Thomas @ Ten Eight Seven Mastering. 180g black 12” vinyl.

a1. Rings Around Saturn - THX Assassin

b1. Rings Around Saturn - Goose Step