Rhyvahl - Footcell


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Release Date: 30th April 2021

To follow the success of Breaka’s ‘The Startup’ - the inaugural Off Beat release which earned support from the likes of Addison Groove, Sherelle, Minor Science and Sicaria Sound to name but a few - label boss Rhyvahl (one-third of Off Beat), steps up to deliver three cuts of fun, percussive, bass-laden heat for OBR002.

Reminiscent of early Ramadanman records on Hessle Audio and Swamp 81, ‘Down Alarm’ rings out with gliding bass, 808 snares and vocal chops. 

‘Hassle’ is a held-back stepper with various bass mutations and a system shattering mid-range whale call. 

Closing out yet another extremely promising release for the Manchester-based label is ‘Footcell’. Drawing on a Grime framework, a series of bit-crushed blips dance around the choppy, shortly-sustained synth licks, like fireflies illuminating.

a1. Rhyvahl - Down Alarm

a2. Rhyvahl - Hassle

b1. Rhyvahl - Footcell