Redeyes - Selfportraits [2x12” purple vinyl gatefold]


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Release Date: 6th November 2020

Toulouse's master craftsman Redeyes delivers his fourth album “Selfportraits” on Amsterdam imprint The North Quarter. Known for his deeply detailed, emotive take on Drum & Bass, the French pioneer has a career spanning over 15 years. After three previous projects on The North Quarter – including 2018's opus “Broken Soul” - he now returns with the profound “Selfportraits”. Written almost exclusively during the Covid-19 crisis, this album captures a time spent in sheltered reflection. Drawing on both musical influences and personal beliefs this album is both deeply personal and touches on important issues of our times.

“The album was made during the lockdown and it all came together quickly. I was just spending time at home with my kids, splitting time between making music and home-schooling. It was just a time where I felt sheltered and comfortable with the music just flowing naturally,” Redeyes explains. “My music is not just dance music. I've always seen my art as something that transcends the dance-floor, and all the greatest artists in the world - from painters to singers to actors - have always been engaged in important fights. So why don't we do it, why are we not as engaged as our favourite artists from other genres are? Its time to make the difference, its time to be the change. This album is musically what reflects the core of my Drum & Bass sound. But this album is not just my own self-portrait - it's also the one of the guests. They speak the truth from their hearts out loud.”

This album is a journey through vintage soulful Drum & Bass, soundscapes and beats and sees Redeyes at his most inspired. Through ten carefully pieced together tracks, the listener is transported through a mosaic of influences and emotions. With featured artists such as [ K S R ], Lovescene, Juga-Naut, DRS and DJ Flight, an important narrative is added to the warm and serene instrumentation. Redeyes continues to uplift and inspire: a soft spoken, gentle soul with a clear vision of music.

a1. Intro / Thousand Times ft [ K S R ] / Colours ft Abnormal Sleepz

a2. Carry Me Home / Never Learnt ft Juga-Naut & Victor Gould

b1. Belong ft Monty / Running

b2. Outside ft HMD / Dad’s Hand ft DRS

b3. Delicate / Between The Waves

c1. Low Key / Slow Pace (Prelude) ft DRS

c2. Change.Illusion / No Way ft DRS

d1. Glowin’ / Lazy Flow

d2. All The Reasons ft Lovescene / A Lifetime

d3. Slow Pace / Outro ft DJ Flight